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Centura Floor & Wall Fashions  | Elmira, ON
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Centura Floor & Wall Fashions  

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We have everything you've ever wanted to know about flooring and ceramic tile.  

Ceratec Ceramic Tiles | Elmira, ON
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Ceratec Ceramic Tiles 

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Ceratec offers its customers the best service possible. This implies efficient systems that keep customers needs satisfied, as well as a friendly, honest, and prompt delivery of these services. 

San Marco Tile | Elmira, ON
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San Marco Tile 


San Marco® is an international collection of true classic porcelain and ceramic tile. 


Carpet gets grimy, wood floors scratch and crack, and vinyl? Well, vinyl looks like vinyl. You have several choices when it comes to flooring, but no other flooring can match the durability, value and timeless look of ceramic tile.

Although quietly beautiful, ceramic tiles are deceptively tough. Ceramic Tile is extremely scratch resistant, temperature tolerant and stain resistant. Qualities you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Ceramic tiles are also a cinch to clean; usually just a little light wiping or damp-mopping does the trick.

Tiling is an environmentally safe, natural choice for flooring. Ceramic tile lasts much longer than most other flooring materials, so over time there's less wasted money and materials. It's no wonder people turn to tile time and time again for their flooring needs.

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